The last time I felt at all under the weather was in Fall of 2016. Other than a few sniffles and mega-mild allergic reactions, I never had to stay home in bed this year from work, play or what-have-you. I made it all the way through the year feeling well even though I had to sleep alongside my wife who had both full-blown and walking pnuemonia all throughout October. Her illness got so bad I had to give her a priesthood blessing to ward off the most serious ailments.

How did I feel well so consistently? Well, even before we got married, Megan was making the majority of my day-to-day dinners and leftover-lunches. I'm eating out a lot less often than I used to do, and so is Megan, because she loves to cook for people, and someone is always there now. I also switched gyms to the one Megan goes to, and I hit the weight room on and off throughout the year and gained about 30 pounds of mostly solid healthy weight. I could do without the neck fat but I'm looking back at how skinny and frail I used to be and it's worth the new face frame.

I remember falling ill in 2016 four times. Nothing ever serious, just a couple of fevers, a cold, and a bout of food poisoning, but that's way more occasions than I'm used to being sick in a year. 2016 was the year I started to get fully exhausted of the industry I'd been working in for 7 years. I stopped liking my job but didn't see a way out until a close friend lent me a suggestion on where to apply. I took a pretty good chunk of a paycut to change not only jobs, but the industry in which I work.
There's no question this job change had a net positive effect on my health. I may not have complete control over my schedule and when I work anymore, but I never have to work during the evening and my sleep schedule is on the best track its been on since I was a missionary. With my recent marriage and the changes in my job, diet, and schedule, I feel well consistently, and am also much happier with my place in the world.

2017 was a rather stress-free year. All this comfort is going to allow us to take some new risks that we need to take in 2018. I don't put much stock in new year goals, but 2017 heralded the start of my thirties, and the imperatives become even more so when more than two numbers change at the same time. There are three days left in the year but my twenties are already over. I slid into 30 low enough to avoid the tag of having any regret. Full steam ahead into the future. Chances are slim I don't come down with something next year, but after how things went this year, I won't know what source to point at if I do.
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