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In a frantic attempt to find somewhere to live in Logan on short notice and only for a few months, and not on a long-term contract, a few friends and I had to rent a house for five months in an upscale neighborhood. I had the master bedroom and turned the walk-in closet into a small sound-proof room for recording drums.Ice storms in dry climates are rare, and much different than the wet, common storms they get in Northeastern USA. When we get them here they are much more jagged, bright, and quiet.More White Pocket
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Blanket Fort Studio January 4th, 2016
Dry Ice Storm January 28th, 2016
White Pocket February 27th, 2016

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I Never Fell Ill in 2017.Not Once.
A Very Good Place to Start
Making it Official
First Season Doing Play-By-PlayThoughts Of The 2017 USU Softball Season
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