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A couple of days after we got engaged, ready to announce it to the world.
We're engaged!

**disclaimer, I wrote this forever ago, but now I finally have somewhere to put it! We're now just 35 days away from getting married!**

Aaron and I made it official on Friday, Nov. 18 and we couldn't be more excited!

We started the night going out to dinner. Nothing out of the ordinary for us, but I could tell he had something on his mind. We had a great time just sitting together, eating and watching the other people around us. Once we got back to the car, he asked me if I wanted to go shopping for "cheap jewelry."

Now, before you all panic, I promise he really does love me! In fact, he loves me so much that he spent the money he'd been saving for a ring on a piano for my birthday the month before we got engaged. He was super sweet about it, talking about it as an investment for our future family, etc., etc., all showing just how serious he was about us. It was just a part of the making of the best birthday ever and adding to the thousands of reasons I love this man! Together we decided that the piano was more important and long-lasting than a ring would be.

With that, we headed to Walmart to pick something out! We were able to find a gorgeous ring that we both loved without spending a million dollars. As we started to head home, Aaron did a good job of making it sound like he wouldn't be proposing that night. He made me promise to forget the whole excursion had happened and act like I didn't know he had a ring. He hid it in his car and I thought that was that for the night.

We made it back to my house where I thought we were just going to have a casual, comfy night in. I was at the piano, while Aaron was on his computer to buy us Forgotten Carols tickets. Conveniently, he had left his credit card in the car and used that as his excuse to go back down to the car. When he came upstairs and back to my room, he told me to stop playing and turn around. I fought it, arguing that he'd told me to keep playing, as I had no idea what he had in mind. When I did that, I found him on his knee. It took me a minute to process what was happening, but then it clicked and I couldn't stop smiling. Aaron said the most perfect, simple, HIM kind of things and solidified every thing I'd already decided to marry him for. I gave him a resounding YES trying so hard to make sure he was done talking before I did. We spent the rest of the night talking early plans and dreams of our future together.

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