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First look/Formal pictures
I figure it's about time I wrote up all the thoughts and feels from my favorite day ever!

June 8 was absolutely perfect. From beginning to end, we couldn't have dreamt of a better day. The day started with hair and makeup for me before we had a brunch at Herm's with our families and friends. That was the ideal start for the day - food, fun, relaxed. From there, we made our way to the temple.

Our sealing was beautiful. The man performing the ceremony was so sweet and said the best things. We couldn't stop smiling or looking at each other the whole time. Luckily, one of our friends took some notes for us, since he knew from experience that we wouldn't remember a lot of the things the sealer said.

After a hair/makeup touchup and a Chick-fil-A run, we headed out to our reception. I have to give another huge thank you to Wade and Annie Denniston who let us use their yard. They were so so great in letting us take over their house and with helping us with everything. The yard was completely perfect. With a lot of help from our families, everything looked unreal and was exactly what I dreamed of. We partied it up with Johnny O's donuts and Gossner milk, while dancing the night away and mingling with everyone.

I was absolutely blown away by the support we received that day! From the breakfast to the temple and the reception there was so much LOVE! We were overwhelmed by the people who drove all the way up here to be at the reception. It was so great to see everyone and celebrate with them. From being there to gifts and everything, everyone was so incredibly generous and I can't get over it! So to all of you, THANK YOU!

Wedding1 June 26th, 2017

We had a great honeymoon in Seattle, then came home to get settled into real life. So far, so good! Being married is our favorite. While June 8 was easily the best day ever, life in general is pretty great too!
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